Getting Fit! Spiritually and Physically.

Today started of with a post Gift Mart wrap up lunch with Community 4:12.

Here is a description of what Gift Martt is from their website:

By selling donated toys for $2 each, parents that would normally not be able to purchase gifts for their children will be able to do so without simply receiving a “hand-out.” All proceeds from the sale of the toys will be split among the four schools to help fund school improvement initiatives. We also provide free gift-wrapping, children’s activities, holiday entertainment, and refreshments.

Last December my Aunt asked my fiancée and I to come help her. She is in charge of one of the two floors and needed some sub leaders she could trust to get things done. It was a lot of hard work, but we both thought the experience was really rewarding.

Hundreds of parents from the school we serviced came. It was a very low income area. There were a lot of people that still couldn’t afford just $2 for the toys. (We didn’t turn them away) You could tell how grateful everyone was. Many of them waited over an hour outside in the 30 degree rain because of the incredible response. We had 30% more people come this year that last year.

The wrap up session was a “Thank you” lunch as well as a discussion about what we could do better next year. Lou, my fiancée had a lot of helpful suggestion. He’s really smart and has that kind of tactical mind. I’m better at dealing with things in the moment when they come up, but he’s a lot better at the planning ahead part.

Its a church run group, my fiancée and I do not go to the church, but we do go to a weekly bible study run by a few of the members and we really enjoy it. Lou isn’t even Cristian, but no one minds and that’s one of the reasons I really enjoy the group. I don’t like churches or bible study groups that don’t allow non-Christians to go. It defeats the entire purpose and really undermines the true spirit of being a Christian.

I feel like giving back to your community like this is a way of keeping spiritually fit. Gift Mart touched a lot of people’s lives. They were so happy to even be able to give their children the littlest things for Christmas. Many of them said they could see the Lord’s work in what we did and that’s pretty cool. Even from a Non-Christian standpoint, I think that providing the community with this type of happy and uplifting service is just such a great thing, you know?

I also went to the store today and bought several outfits to work out in. I can’t wait to go. I think we’ll go tomorrow before or after lunch. I have to sit through an orientation with them were they show me how to use all the equipment and then try to talk me into buying time with one of their personal trainers, but then I can get down to business. I’d like to go everyday until we leave Thursday, but we’ll see how it works out. I’ve still got a lot of work to do for this trip. (Side rant, I really hate how our Wal-Mart has really down sized their plus sized section. It was truly pathetic. Out of the entire women’s section, there was like a grand total of six racks with sizes that went above an 18. I’m really disappointed in them.)

Also, as a side note, do any of you know anything about computers shocking you? Three times, I’ve touched the metal on the back of my boyfriends pc and its shocked the crap out of me and made my arm numb. This morning I sat my lap top on my lap and it shocked my leg and burnt it. There’s a metal screw on the bottom of my computer that seems to be conducting the electricity. Otherwise the computers still seem to be running fine….


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