Second Gym Day, Personal Trainer

8 Amazing Blogger Weight-Loss Transformations

That was exciting to read because its almost exactly the idea I have right now. I don’t have pictures yet, but I know that if I write about my journey every day I’ll constantly be evaluating whats working and what isn’t. I’d like to do some video blogs about everything.

I had an appointment at 3:00 with a personal trainer named Robert today. If you’ve ever signed up for a gym, you know that they usually give you a free session with one of their personal trainers, hoping that you will buy time with that trainer and, ultimately, give them more money.

Usually, they give you a fitness test and tell you how out of shape you are (as if I didn’t already know) and that you can’t possibly do it all alone. That you need their help, their guidance and in some cases, that you need it so badly, you should buy their time three or four times a week if you’re rich and a sucker.

I walked into the appointment expecting to go through this fitness test, hear them tell me how obese I am, like its some sort of shock, try to sell me some time and then hopefully, show me how to use the weight machines. What I got was much more enjoyable.

Robert was very relaxed and pleasant. We talked for a long while about my goals, why I’m there and what I’d been through in the past. I actually had a lot of fun talking with him, which is a great sign. After the first five minutes of chatting and him understanding I wasn’t a newbie to fitness, that I had more muscle on me than the average person my weight because I had been into fitness and that I really wasn’t interested in a trainer at this time because, frankly, I don’t need one, he just kinda talked to me straight. He basically gave me a game plan, told me how many calories I should be eating and how often I should be working out to get where I want to be. After a good half an hour, we went out to the floor where he put me through a half hour of weight training. It was intense and challenging, but I pushed through, I fought and he encouraged me to do it. He had me laughing while I was working hard and that’s good. He pushed me all the way to my limit, but was careful not to go to far. He watched my breathing and had me stop frequently to get it under control and drink plenty of water. I told him, quite seriously that when I’m ready for a trainer, which we both agree will be when I start to plateau, I will ask for him.

There was one funny moment where he had me kicking off the ground. Picture this, I was laying on the ground, belly up and my feet were bouncing on this small ball up to not quite 90 degrees. I was supposed to do this for a certain amount of time. My legs were already jelly from stepping with weights and squats (which he modified to keep my hip safe.) My legs were giving out well before the time was out, kicking barely inches of the ground. I just couldn’t get them any higher, but he laughed and said, “Stephanie! You can do better than that! You can’t get away with that here!” It made me laugh and he was laughing and I looked so ridiculous, kicking so hard, barely getting any lift. I was punching the air wildy with my arms, trying to get pumped and it was just a ridiculous picture.

At the end of the work out, there was a good three or four minutes where I was really nauseous, thinking I might barf and wondering if I’d over done it, but it all passed when I ate  a light lunch and I’m assuming was due to some medicine issues.

One of the things that made Robert such a great choice is because he knows that carrying around all this extra weight means the exertion during a work out is much different. He routinely works out with a weighted vest, doing all the things he asks his clients to do, just to make sure he knows what it feels like to be carrying around 300+ pounds during a work out. He told me that its hard for him to, so he wants to make sure that we push ourselves, without overdoing it.

When I started my weight loss journey last August, I weighed 315 lbs. I got down to 300 lbs by November and have maintained that loss til now and I’m working my hardest to loose even more. I’m not really thinking about the numbers and I’m not sure where I’ll be in a year. The scale is more of a tool to make sure I’m going in the right direction. For me, this is kinda like watching my feet as I walk. Its better to not look forward for the moment, to see how far I have to go, its better to watch my feet and make sure they’re constantly moving forward, never stopping, or pausing or going backwards.


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