Writing Group: Getting Started!

Alright, so one of my goals was to start a writing group. Back in November I’d been asked by a couple of other National Novel Writing Month contestants to start a writing group. I’d been doing some research and getting some stuff together so I finally started last night. I wanted to writ a blog about it, but I was just too tired after being at the gym, lol!

Ug, I felt so slow with it and I’m surprised they didn’t all just give up on my and go start their own groups by now. They’ve been great and super helpful.

Through my research, here are a few tips I came across that I’ll share with you:

  1. Its really important to have guidelines for conduct and new members established in the beginning.  I want the starting members to help build these rules. I want them to feel a sense of ownership in this group. Its their group, I’m just coordinating.
  2. Since we’re online we need to be clear about how to give and receive critiques. There can be a big difference in what you mean and how something you write comes off. (Which may also be incorporated into #1, but I feel is a big enough section to be on its own.)
  3. Facebook. This is something I thought of. Other groups all have fancy websites and coded chat into them and they all look really nice, but I needed something where busy people could get together and spend their only ten free minutes of the day on a quick word war. I needed something where we would constantly have a reminder of the group. I made us a Facebook group. We are now the Word Warriors! lol

Like most things that I start planning, the train is running away from me. Plans keep getting bigger and bigger. I’d love to have guest speakers come to some of the meetups and educate us on how to be better writer’s. I want to have writing workshop style exercises that help hone our skills. I’d like to do two group word wars a week. (A word war is a game where everyone write like mad for a given amount of time and at the end we see how many words were written.)  all this depends on the size of the group, the work ethic, and the free time that everyone has! Free time is, unfortunately, scarce.

Our first meet up is next Tuesday. I will be in Texas so I will have to make sure that at 8:00 I am somewhere with an internet connection. I don’t want to flake out on them! I’ve been trying to put this thing together for over a month now. It just been one thing after another lately. Life is moving quick, so I need to learn to move quicker so I can keep up!


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