An Eventful Vacation…

Man, its been a crazy couple of weeks.  Which means its been a fun couple of weeks.

I’m from Texas. From a very small town in Texas. And whenever I come home, we party like fools non-stop because everyone misses me and I miss them. We have a hell of a time and its always good fun. I miss the campfires, the beer, the food and the stars. Some of the best nights are when I fall asleep with the smell of wood smoke in my hair.

Spent most of the first week being excessively over indulgent. Man, I had heart burn so much. Somewhere in week two I realized that while I may be on vacation, my ass is not, so I need to stop eating like it is, lol.

Its also good to come back and see these people that I miss and see how things have changed. Somethings are better, some are worse. With some people I’ve moved farther apart from or they have families now and their world is a little different and apart from mine. (This has lead to much thought about family, closeness, and aloneness, but I’ll save that for another post.)

Just when we were getting ready to leave back to Chicago The Blizzard of 2011 was ready to hit. We decided to wait through it and it was a good thing. People were stranded on the roads in Chicago. That would have sucked, especially with the dog in the car.

And now my Mom is starting some crap with my brother so we’re looking at houses.

Yup, that’s right. It looks like we’re moving back to Texas soon. I’m really excited about this, but super nervous to.  These quick moves are always bad on my nerves, but we somehow manage them.

There are couple of other things I want to write about tonight, but I’m going to make new posts about them.


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