A Long Month…

Its been, I think, 30 days since my last post! Definitely not my intention to slack off about a New Year’s resolution, but some of my plans were top secret until now!

When I last wrote, we had been planning to head back from our vacation in Texas when a blizzard hit and we decided to wait it out. Some stuff happened with my Mom, she’s losing her house and moving in with my Grandparents. We decided that it would be a good move for us to move down now and have my brother come stay. (He wouldn’t have space after Mom moves in with our younger brother’s.)

So I spent two weeks looking for a house that would be big enough for me, Lou, Mike and probably our friend Shane. We found a few that were okay, but we hit the jackpot when we drove by 13th & Marrow.

We’d just had a house rented out from under us and I was kind of disappointed. My Grams told me about this big house that had been for rent a long time. My Mom told me about it too, later. I didn’t pay attention at first because I figured it would be too expensive, but we drove by and saw how huge it was and decided to make a call just to see. It’s like a 10 bed room house! And it was only $50 more than we had budgeted for a two or three bedroom.

So we signed the lease on like the 25th and we got ready to move in by the 1st. The landlord is a remodeling company. There were a few things in the house that needed to be fixed up, the whole place needed to be cleared out. It was filled with stuff from the last people who lived there. It also needs a really good scrubbing. The place is filthy. But it seems worth it, all of our friends could come living with us and help pay the rent. They said it would all be fixed and cleaned up before the 1st.

Something came up here that we had to take care of so our trip back to Chicago, to get our stuff, was delayed a little. We started the trip back on the 24th last month. We had just enough time to get there, get our stuff and make it back. The near back to back 20 hour drive plus the two 12 hour days of hard labor in between was brutal. Things would have been better if we could have taken our time, but we needed to be back the 1st to make sure our friends Stephen and Sherrie had a place to stay. (That’s a long story for another time.)

We made it back and started moving in on the 1st. We found out that the house hadn’t been completely cleaned our yet and that none of the things we knew were wrong with it had been fixed. We also found out we couldn’t turn on the water because they had open pipes where they were waiting to install a hot water heater.

😦  It took several days of cleaning and moving to get everyone moved in. All the while, the plumbing is still having problems and we can’t turn the water on, which makes it really hard to clean. (This place is filthy. You know how you see a girl sometimes and you think. “Gross, I wouldn’t put my dick in that,” Yeah…well its that gross.)

All said and done, today makes a full week of mine and Lou’s first home together. (At least that we’re responsible for.) The major plumbing problems are hopefully fixed. There’s a lot the handymen will be stopping by for weeks to come I’m sure. It’s been nice being so close to Stephen, Adrian and Sherrie though. Mike’s been there and Shane and Laythem have stayed a few times.

The neighborhood is kinda scary some times. We’ve seen drug deals and prostitution for sure. One night, around two or three, some kids drove by and started doing doughnuts in someone’s yard. They kept driving away and coming back. It was funny until we started worrying someone was going to get shot. We watched it all from out screened in Sunroof on the second floor, so I felt fairly safe. We’d turned all the lights off so no one could see us standing in there.

Actually, the street has been kinda hilarious, so I was thinking about starting a blog for it, lol.

My plan for tomorrow is to hopefully update/revise my goal list for this change of plans. 🙂 If the net is up I’ll be able to post it.


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