I’m eating leaves right now.

One of my goals was to start eating less meals with meat in them, mostly to promote eating more vegetables. (Though tonight is quite not that night.) So tonight, I made a nice, cool, dinner in a bowl.

Its much to hot right now to cook and I’ve had some spring mix salad that I really need to eat before it wilts. The problem is, I really don’t like salad dressing. There are a few here and there from resturaunts that I can’t find on store shelves that have been yummy, but for the most part, I don’t like dressings. so I’ve been dragging my heals.

And then I had a thought. The modern idea of a salad is really just a fancy way to eat those ingredients, what if I just have some of the leaves and some of the carrots. Later I got to thinking about how good some grapes would be. When I went down stairs, I had decided on everything I would try.

I washed the leaves and put them on top. They were the biggest portion and my least favorite. The quicker I got through it, the faster I could get to the baby carrots, which I love. When I only had a bit of the leaves left, I started wrapping them around baby carrots, like a pig in a blanket, and it was awesome! Once I got through the baby carrots, I put three thin slices of hard salami. I really love this stuff. I got it specifically for my salads, but I’ve been finding myself snacking on it randomly. (Its Castle wood brand, from Sam’s Club) Then I took a small block of cheese and cut it into cubes and the last layer was grapes for desert. (I had to remember to save some for Lou, that would be a good snack for him when he gets off work tonight.)

I thought it was going to be aweful, at least the leaf part, but it really was pretty good. (Though, from now on, I’ll be wrapping all of my leaves around carrots. ) It was nice and cool and I enjoyed it in the sun room so I could feel how nice it is out tonight.

After such a refreshing meal I’m hoping I’ll be refreshed enough to finish my work before the deadline.


Goals Update!

Alrighty, its four months into the year and a lot has been going on so I think its time to look at my old Goals list and make sure everything is going good. I just copied and pasted my original goals list. All of my new notes are in parenthesis and italicized and bold.


  • Continue constantly trying to improve my art work. I can do this by practicing more often and reading tutorials. (I made some big improvements earlier this year. My tablet is broken right now, but I’m getting a new one soon! I’ve been consistently reading tutorials and expanding my technical knowledge though!)
  • Really step up my technique and output in order to feel more comfortable with commission work. Start trying to get them. (I actually offered commissions in the Together We HeART auctions.)
  • Prepare for trying to get a table at a convention next year. (I’m doing this by getting my graphic novels going and practicing more, along with saving up the money its going to cost for a table.)
  • Make more ties in the artistic community. I’m going to attempt this by commenting on more of my favorite pictures, featuring artists in my DA journal and on my blog as well as actually starting my “Thanks Project”. (With the exception of reaching out to the DeviantART community for the Together We HeART auction, I haven’t done to much in this regard. I hope to do more once I’ve got my new tablet.)
  • Start working on my comic Dragon Breath and get to a point where I can upload at least once/week or biweekly. I’d also like to get a buffer built up some that I’m 2-3 months ahead of what I’m uploading. (Currently I’m working on getting the script complete, along with two other graphic novels. I’m hoping to have them finished within the next two month, but I’m shooting for having them finished this month(ish)
  • See what it takes to build an art portfolio. Begin doing so, perhaps speak to a consultant of some kind to round it out. (I don’t even want to think about this yet, but I’m getting closer to the point where this needs to be a concern.)


  • Exercise at least 3x/week. I just got a gym membership at a gym down the street, so this should be easy to do. (Especially since my fiancée is going to drag me there initially until I’m happy about it, lol!) (>.>;;; Okay, so this has been a disaster area.)
  • Loose around 100 lbs by the end of the year.  This is actually possible if I manage to stay on top of things. I’m watching my diet, I’ll be exercising at least three times a week if I follow the first goal. I’m hoping to actually hit the gym more often for a little bit of weight training. Actually, I would really like to join some dance classed when I drop enough weight. (I want to Belly Dance so bad!) (For now, I’m focusing on losing 60 lbs. I’ve made the goal on StikK. You can follow my progress.)


  • Continue regularly writing. (Updating this Blog consistently will help with that somewhat, but I also want to work on my stories more often.) (Slacked off a bit, working on my stories, but I have been updating my blog consistently. I’ve taken steps to get back on track. 😀 )
  • Form a writing/editing group to help each other grow and continue working together. (I’m in the process of this one right now.) (This is complete. We meet every Tuesday.)

Other Important Activities

  • Video skits!! I’ve had all these ideas for a sort of occasional video diary series and also for a hilarious short skit. (I’ve got a few actors, which I thought would be the hardest part. I’m working on the scripts soon and then I’ve just got to make a plan to get the equipment.)
  • Wedding Plans!! I’m newly engaged, less than a month now. We decided to wait until next year so I would have plenty of time, but I still want to start thinking about some of the details now. :D (….well, all I’ve really gotten done so far is picked a theme. We Decided on “Steampunk”. We’re thinking about doing something really non-traditional, though, I think.)


Well, I was able to cross three off my list, but I definitely see some areas that need to be revised.


  • Sketch something everyday.
  • Open an Etsy shop for commissions.
  • Continue to work on my comics. (Finish them, build website, promote)
  • Finish at least one Thanks project a month. (Although I need to get my pen tablet first.)
  • I’d like to try to get out of my comfort zone and draw things I haven’t really attempted before, as well as coloring and painting in new ways.
  • Sculpt. I’ve bought some sculpey. I want to sculpt little figures and make tablet with scenes on them. I’d like to have one figure completed by June.


  • Eat healthier by cooking more for myself.
  • Have at least three meals a week that don’t include meat.
  • Kick the midnight munchies.
  • Drink more water, at least two bottles a day, but shoot for three.
  • Cut regular pop down to two or three times a week.
  • Take Rin for a ten minute walk before I feed her at 6 pm when its nice.
  • Take better care of my teeth. (I’m so paranoid they’re falling out.)
  • Eat a piece of fruit every day.
  • Limit my snacks. Only eat half.


  • Update my blogs consistently.
  • Catch up on critiques for my writing group. (Then stay up to date!)
  • Write graphic novel scripts (3) over the next two months. (DEADLINE: June)
  • Be more active and plan more activities for the writing group.
  • Promote the writing group more.
  • Spend at least ten minutes writing everyday. Once that’s a habit, raise the time limit.

Other Important Activities

  • Start a video blog or a pod cast.
  • Continue working on the Skits.
  • Wedding Plans (I really need to plan more, but lack of money is kind of keeping my vision foggy.)

For now, that’s all I’ve got. I’m going to continue to work on my goals and find ways to achieve success. 🙂

stickK − Change Starts Now & Updates

Have you guys heard of this website? A friend from my writing group suggested it when I admitted I was having trouble staying on task this month. You set goals and it has real consequences if you fail. Its a very interesting concept, so I’ve been looking around the website. I don’t have money to put towards the stakes right now, but I can probably try to find a way to make it work for me.

In other news, sorry I haven’t been updating. I’ve actually been really busy with a charity that I started to help the relief effort in Japan. We raised $330.50 for Global Giving’s project over there. Check out the process. It was a lot of hard work, in the beginning stages I was putting in like 12 hours a day just trying to get things ready. It all officially ended yesterday. I still encourage everyone to donate to your favored charity in order to help Japan. They’re still experiencing aftershocks that are knocking out the power.

On the weight loss front, I’d gotten down from 315 to 301, but gained back to 317 on vacation. For the last two weeks I’ve been really watching what I eat. We’ve stopped eating out (not just from a health perspective, but from a financial one.) Since I’ve been cooking for myself, I’ve gotten down to 307. I’m going to continue to be aggressive in my food choices.

I’m participated in Script Frenzy this month. I’m using it as more of a motivational tool than participating “by the rules” because I’m working on three different scripts right now. I want to finish them as quickly as possible, just get them out and into exsistance and then worry about editing. My tablet is broken right now, so one of the big incentives for me to finish these scripts is that I’m not going to buy a new one until I’m finished.

I’ve been regularly participating in a writing group called Word Warriors, though I’m really, really behind on critique work. -.-;; I’m a terrible leader and not setting a good example at all, but the ladies are super nice and brilliant.

I’m also planning a paper and dice RPG for the house right now, but I’m in the very early planning stages. I’ve got a lot of material to read through. They’ve requested a Star Wars game and I’m really not very knowledgeable in that area, lol.

I’m really due for a re-evaluation of my goals right now too. I need to look at them and see if I’m still on track and then I need to update the ones that aren’t viable/not interested in and add the ones that have popped up sense then.