stickK − Change Starts Now & Updates

Have you guys heard of this website? A friend from my writing group suggested it when I admitted I was having trouble staying on task this month. You set goals and it has real consequences if you fail. Its a very interesting concept, so I’ve been looking around the website. I don’t have money to put towards the stakes right now, but I can probably try to find a way to make it work for me.

In other news, sorry I haven’t been updating. I’ve actually been really busy with a charity that I started to help the relief effort in Japan. We raised $330.50 for Global Giving’s project over there. Check out the process. It was a lot of hard work, in the beginning stages I was putting in like 12 hours a day just trying to get things ready. It all officially ended yesterday. I still encourage everyone to donate to your favored charity in order to help Japan. They’re still experiencing aftershocks that are knocking out the power.

On the weight loss front, I’d gotten down from 315 to 301, but gained back to 317 on vacation. For the last two weeks I’ve been really watching what I eat. We’ve stopped eating out (not just from a health perspective, but from a financial one.) Since I’ve been cooking for myself, I’ve gotten down to 307. I’m going to continue to be aggressive in my food choices.

I’m participated in Script Frenzy this month. I’m using it as more of a motivational tool than participating “by the rules” because I’m working on three different scripts right now. I want to finish them as quickly as possible, just get them out and into exsistance and then worry about editing. My tablet is broken right now, so one of the big incentives for me to finish these scripts is that I’m not going to buy a new one until I’m finished.

I’ve been regularly participating in a writing group called Word Warriors, though I’m really, really behind on critique work. -.-;; I’m a terrible leader and not setting a good example at all, but the ladies are super nice and brilliant.

I’m also planning a paper and dice RPG for the house right now, but I’m in the very early planning stages. I’ve got a lot of material to read through. They’ve requested a Star Wars game and I’m really not very knowledgeable in that area, lol.

I’m really due for a re-evaluation of my goals right now too. I need to look at them and see if I’m still on track and then I need to update the ones that aren’t viable/not interested in and add the ones that have popped up sense then.




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