I’m eating leaves right now.

One of my goals was to start eating less meals with meat in them, mostly to promote eating more vegetables. (Though tonight is quite not that night.) So tonight, I made a nice, cool, dinner in a bowl.

Its much to hot right now to cook and I’ve had some spring mix salad that I really need to eat before it wilts. The problem is, I really don’t like salad dressing. There are a few here and there from resturaunts that I can’t find on store shelves that have been yummy, but for the most part, I don’t like dressings. so I’ve been dragging my heals.

And then I had a thought. The modern idea of a salad is really just a fancy way to eat those ingredients, what if I just have some of the leaves and some of the carrots. Later I got to thinking about how good some grapes would be. When I went down stairs, I had decided on everything I would try.

I washed the leaves and put them on top. They were the biggest portion and my least favorite. The quicker I got through it, the faster I could get to the baby carrots, which I love. When I only had a bit of the leaves left, I started wrapping them around baby carrots, like a pig in a blanket, and it was awesome! Once I got through the baby carrots, I put three thin slices of hard salami. I really love this stuff. I got it specifically for my salads, but I’ve been finding myself snacking on it randomly. (Its Castle wood brand, from Sam’s Club) Then I took a small block of cheese and cut it into cubes and the last layer was grapes for desert. (I had to remember to save some for Lou, that would be a good snack for him when he gets off work tonight.)

I thought it was going to be aweful, at least the leaf part, but it really was pretty good. (Though, from now on, I’ll be wrapping all of my leaves around carrots. ) It was nice and cool and I enjoyed it in the sun room so I could feel how nice it is out tonight.

After such a refreshing meal I’m hoping I’ll be refreshed enough to finish my work before the deadline.


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