Art Progress

I was warming up for some design work and I drew a self portrait. It took me most of the night, but after two months of not really drawing, I feel ready to take on anything! I’m really pleased with this picture, but I know I still have a lot to learn. The nose is a nightmare and the eyes, especially the eye lashes and the eye brows, were really hard to draw and paint The hair looks sloppy and something is off in the stare. I also blurred away the eye shadow by mistake on the right eye and didn’t catch it. The lips look rediculous, lol. But its still the best I’ve ever done. I feel like I’m good enough to be in a sort of uncanny vally. Some parts of it look real enough, but the others are just a bit off and it looks weird, lol. I need to keep working, but I’m very pleased!


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