Its November, nearly a year has passed. Lets see where I measure up when compared to last year…


  • -30ish lbs (Which is awesome sauce.)
  •  fewer headaches
  • less joint pain
  • healthier sleeping schedule
  • healthier eating habits


  • Writing more regularly. Still need a lot of work to get to where I’d like to be, but this is a big improvement. I’m writing nearly every day, several times a week for sure.
  • Sticking with a project for longer, though this still needs work. Where as before I might be really excited about something for a week, now I’m sticking with it for two or three.
  • Really working to improve the quality of my writing. Fleshed out, imperfect and relatable characters, believable settings, and limitations have been at the forefront of my mind when planning.


  • Some interesting improvements with coloring, textures and quality. (However, I still need to take my time, especially after I’m finished, to catch little mistakes before posting.)
  • Inching closer to “being ready”. Made an informal plan, but am working pretty dedicatedly on what I hope will be my first big project.
  •  Realized some problems with my comic plans. Working hard to fix them. (ie. projects being too big.)

Life in General-

  • Happier outlook. I’m more pleased with myself, my partner, and my friends.
  • Overall, just feeling better. I don’t know if its also my physical health improving or what, but I’m pretty happy.
  • Rolling with the hits. Anxiety is my hugest problem, but I’ve really been tackling it. I’ve been pretty Que sera, sera about the whole thing. Life has been no less unexpected or “up-heaving” for me, but I feel like I’m more able to ignore or deal with the bad, not worry about what might be and focus on what makes me happy.


Overall, not bad progress. Room for improvement, as always, but I have improved. No time to sit still though, I’ve got a lot to think about. New things to do, learn, experience. Its time for me to think of new resolutions. I think a better “system” as well. I definitely slacked on the blog aspect this year.


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