A lifetime of insanity…

When I was younger I always wondered if the transition into adulthood was a noticeable thing. I knew it wasn’t a specific birthday or a life event, but would I know when the day came? Would it be the first time I felt aches and pains in a body past its prime? Would it be that moment when the younger generation has no clue about something I grew up with? Would I just feel “old” as opposed to being…me?

I’m going to be twenty-four later this year. I could be wrong, but everything I’ve seen tells me that adulthood is completely relative.  We can’t measure it in age or quantify it in success. We can’t gauge it by maturity or life choices. A lot of the adults in my life haven’t really figured it out either. The ones that think they’re successful are often missing something vital and important. The ones that hunger for success have some things figured out, but not others.

I can’t say that I’m in a good place, there are plenty of times I don’t know where I’m going and I’m doggy paddling in the deep end. For me, I think adulthood is realizing that things don’t ever really “slow” down. Things are always going to be a little crazy. Being an adult is just gaining new experience to deal with the insanity in new and exciting ways.

A lot has happened and a lot is going on. Right now I feel a little lost, a little scared, and a little short on everything. I know I’ll handle it, we all do what we must. Its human nature to push on in spite of the madness around you.

For now, I’m wiping the slate clean. My resolutions for now are the following:

  • Survive
  • Create Happiness

I’ll break that down into something manageable soon.


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