In case you’re new to the show…

My name is Snevilly and I'm a story teller with an Instagram addiction.

My name is Snevilly and I’m a story teller with an Instagram addiction.

Who has 100 novel drafts laying around waiting to be finished, polished up, and shared with the world? Yeah, I really need to get on that. Who has a dozen or so comic scripts just gathering dust with no artwork? Yeah, I really need to get on that too. Who hasn’t checked her e-mail or posted a single comment on Facebook since last June because of a crippling relapse with her PTSD? Yeah….I’m noticing a trend.

No, really, its completely normal to have panic attack over a digital box and its pixel-y contents.

I won’t go into all the weird, life impacting sorts of epiphanies that lead to me completely drop off the face of the internet for the last eight months, but I do think I should cover a few things. This blog is like the home base of my Internet Neighborhood. I’m using it to sort of keep track of all the other projects I’m involved with and show off examples of all the cool things I’m interested in. I have a separate blog for discussing online role play so if that’s you’re kind of nerdyness, then please check it out. For the most part this blog will feature things like:

  • Info on my print work, both litterary and illustrative. 
  • Info on my YouTube projects
  • Cool stuff from Drunk Duck, DeviantArt, and Instagram and Fanfiction.
  • Tutorials and Interviews
  • The adventures and pitfalls of collaborative works.
  • How awesome my friends are.
My fiance showing off our awesome lazer dog!

My fiance showing off our awesome lazer dog!

 Our Goals for this year…

  • I want to start vlogging.
  • I want to create/develop a web show with my friends.
  • I want to start finishing up my written works, posting them online and doing something with them.
  • I want to blog a lot more often because I freaking enjoy it.
  • I want to be much more productive this year.
  • Lou and I want to open up a Game Supply store in Chicagoland, so we’d like to have a plan for that.
  • I want to build a social network. I’m working on a business plan.
I sketched this out in like five minutes. Follow me and I promise to do my best to entertain you! I just want to tell you a story...

I sketched this out in like five minutes. Follow me and I promise to do my best to entertain you! I just want to tell you a story…

I have a lot of really cool ideas planned. I talked with Lou and we’re still working on everything, but I’m going to be releasing a line of stories about some truly bad ass females. I’m calling the line “Unconventional Princess” and it basically stands for totally rad princesses that didn’t exactly get a call back from Disney.

For instance, Riot Girl (above) is comic about a heavy set girl who likes social politics, dubstep, and vigilante style crime fighting in her free time. She’s currently in her underwear because I was working out her figure. There are some other totally rad superheros in her neighborhood and they manage to play well together about half the time. There are also some pretty interesting villains that like to plot on everyone pretty hardcore.

I’m also working on a novel series called The Many Perils of Love. The first story is called At First Sight. These stories explore the romance genre, relationships in all their forms, and a lot of crazy awesome battles against demons, ninjas, and heroic armies. Its a supernatural series about magic, curses, and misconceptions.

Dragon Breath is a comic bout a ditzy druid whose mother was the Steve Irwin of Dragonkin activism. Its a fantasy story about an epic adventure revolving around Lil and her Dragons. It all starts when her mother dies and she inherits a dragon egg. Lil decides that in order to raise the dragon properly she must find a daddy dragon to help her raise it. I actually already have the “prequel” and the first chapter/arc already written up.

Thats just three of the ideas I’ve been playing around with. I have a few more really important ones to announce soon, but I have to wait until I can coordinate with the some of the other people involved. (Hint: Kick ass web show in development.)

But first: I have not finished the “Fairy Tale” project yet. I still have a ton of work that I owe and I intend to do a kick ass, super awesome, stellar job because she’s had to wait so long. I wish I could post photos with that, but I don’t own the images and I don’t have permission to. When/if she does use them, I will link to them so you can all go see. They’re really my best work ever. Not only do I want to finish this project because I owe (and super love) my boss, but also because I really need to update my gallery with art that actually represents my current skill level.

So no matter what else, you can at least look forward to some kick ass art. 😀


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