Looking for an extra pair of eyes…


The Many Perils of Love at First Sight

Type: Fanfiction-Yuyu Hakusho
In the end it was trying to remove my curse that brought the damn thing to fruition. He appeared in a flash of lightning. Before I had time to take in a single detail my entire body stilled, my lungs seized, and I found I was completely trapped in a moment I didn’t have a chance of truly comprehending. I always thought it would be painful when the curse activated, that it would feel like smothering chains. I was both wrong and right. The moment he appeared, I felt a snapping sensation in the curse scar.
It was like a rubber band dissolving enough to finally break and with it the spell bound wraps that covered half my face lit into a heat-less black flame. I barely registered it though, because my blood felt like it was boiling beneath my skin, which by comparison felt like it had been washed in ice. I’d seen him with my sixth sense and I knew exactly what had happened. My curse was no longer in a dormant state and I was now hopelessly in love with a creature I hadn’t truly laid eyes on…and I do mean hopeless. When the spell hit full power, I lost myself for a time. The power was too great for my tiny human brain to fathom. Before I had a chance to see with my own eyes, darkness gathered at the edges of my vision and swept over me like the tides. It was freeing, it was painful. Bliss and contentment mixed with the pain, mellowing it to a bittersweet mixture that spoke of the human experience.
  • The curse is a pretty heavy metaphor for the emotional baggage our love ones and society give us about love and what we’re supposed to expect from relationships. While it might be a romance at the core, this thing is wicked action packed and lays a hurtin’ on the entire cast. Wouldn’t be a good, knuckle bustin’ time in Yusuke’s book if it didn’t. 
  • I just need someone to help polish up the grammar and technical bits, as well as provide some feed back.
  • If you’re interested in helping for a chapter or more then please email me or contact my through my FF account with The Many Perils as the subject.

Lets not piss Hiei off by letting him live in a poorly edited story.


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