What things should be free for every human being?


Let’s thinks about what we can attain as a society. What things should be free and accessible for every citizen, provided by the government or the community?

Free and completely accessible to all humans:

  • Food
  • Healthcare, physical, mental, spiritual, for all ages.
  • Education (For all ages, a free education society for everything from the basics, to politics, to technology.)
  • Legal Representation
  • Social Advocacy
  • Disaster Relief or Support in States of Emergency

Can you add to the list? This may sound silly or strange to you, but I’m trying to think about what a Utopian society would look like. I think Utopia would be a republic and I think that capitalism can work, but there are standards of care for our fellow human beings that we should strive for. If we can identify these things and find a way to fund them, to encourage people to get into these fields and benefit from it in a real way, in the same way that they would be befitting society, I think that would be the first step.

I can’t save the world, but I’d like to think about what I’d believe if I could. What I can work towards. Could we get there? What sorts of things are being researched now that could help out? Its a very exciting conversation and I hope you’ll chip it.


I was voted “Most likely to Save the World” in 8th Grade, but you can help too…

Can we start a Fellowship to Save the World too?

Snevilly was voted “Most likely to Save the World” in 8th Grade.

-I feel like there is no place for someone like me in the real world. It’s easier to see I’m not alone when I’m in the cloud of cyberspace, but when I’m staring into the real world with its noise and its intense messages I feel like there is no place for me to exist, for me to feel safe, or for me to learn and grow as a person. The majority, it seems, would rather do things the way they’ve always been done, push the issue off to someone else, or can’t even be bothered to look and acknowledge.

-But I know that’s not true. I know there are people out there who look around think things are fucked up. I know there are people out there willing to put aside our differences and skepticism, that know it’s possible for groups of people who believe very different things come together. We know that regardless of our beliefs, regardless of our moral ethics, our greatest strength and our truest accomplishment as human beings is our ability to work together and achieve the impossible. The immortal power of the human spirit- as goals and dreams are passed from one generation to the next, from one hero to the next, from one scientist or politician to the next…this is a story that we all know. And the only thing stopping us from becoming that intelligent, compassionate people of a Utopian world is…us. But that’s not really a secret, is it?

-So what is the answer then? We can’t just leave it there. If this thought resonates with some part of you, then I hope you’ll say something. Ask something. Express your solidarity or your criticisms, but be a part of the conversation. Only you can speak up for you right now.

-I want to teach, I want make connections, but most importantly I want to learn. I want to come together with other individuals who want to learn, who want to enlighten and enrich themselves in different ways for different reasons.

-I envision it like a church, but that seems like such a dirty word for some valid reasons, so lets use Fellowship. Let us be hobbits, elves, dwarves and humans that work together to save the world. They didn’t ask each other to change, they were themselves, they grew to understand and love each other despite their differences. One may have gone temporarily insane as the darkness in the world corrupted him, but he wasn’t hated or spited. He wasn’t all evil. He was remembered as a brother.

-I don’t care if we’re the same race or social class or nationality. I don’t care if you think there is no God, or if you believe in many Gods, or if you pray to Joe Pesci. I don’t care if you support Presidents or Royalty. If you believe in people coming together to make the world a better place, in educating each other, in caring for each other, if you believe that the the government and media are probably not going to get it right, then I want to talk to you about how we can make things better.

-The internet is a powerful tool, but I also think its important for people to actually meet and gather in person to experience things. What would both of these Fellowships look like? How could they be supported and what sort of rules would need to be set up so they are safe, inclusive places for all types of people to mingle and learn? How would they be supported? How can we utilize the internet to its maximum ethical potential? What sorts of issues would this Fellowship to Save the World talk about? How the hell would we organize?

-To me, these are 6 things must change in some way before the world can have a more humane and evolved society:

  • Logical Education & Socialization (for people of all ages)
  • The entire Prison System
  • Government Ethics and Transparency
  • Healthcare and how we’re going to address those in society who can not afford it.
  • For Profit Industry and Ethics.
  • Social Advocacy for perfectly normal people, who don’t fit into what we’re lead to believe are perfectly normal boxes.

They’re important things, but it’s still only six things. There are so many, many things. And they’re only going to change if we change them, right?

If you’re not sure what to say, but you’d like to get the conversation going, can you just share this message with the people you know? I’m not asking for monies or likes or internet fame, I just feel like a lot of the problems individuals face, people can overcome.

P.S. I posted this on Reddit first, but I wanted to post it here as well, because just being on Reddit doesn’t guarantee it will be seen and this is too important to not talk about, don’t you think? If you happen to find the Reddit post, please don’t cross post/link. I don’t want to shout out my identity on Reddit to the internet because I talk about my PTSD and sexual assault anonymously there and I don’t want the wrong people cyber stalking me. That’s why I’m not posting a link to my Reddit post.

Also, please help me think of ways to tag this, because I’m not really sure…

**I do not mean to imply that churches are bad things, just that they tend to embody something in practice that they don’t seem to support in theory. My perfect church preaches love first, the freedom and personal choice of faith, and encourages its members to be free and critical thinkers about all manner of subjects. I haven’t been able to find that church yet and I’ve visited a lot, so now I tend to think that my religious beliefs are something that I continually enrich through my experiences loving, helping, and serving all the many different types of people in the world. That includes people who do not believe at all or who believe differently than me. If the Save the World Fellowship were ever really a thing I would love for atheists and and people of other faiths and beliefs to have an equal say as I do in the issues that we face, how we should approach them, and the impact involved. It should be about working together to create a more Utopian place for all people.

Cheap and Fun Spring DIY Gift Wrap Idea

Its a beer garden box. This is pretty cute and very easy to make.

Its a beer garden box. This is pretty cute and very easy to make.

  • The Set Up:

My fiance usually gets the short end of the stick when it comes to gift giving occasions. My Birthday is well before any of the expensive holidays and he’s just a bit after Christmas and Valentines Day. This year things have been good. We went from a very low income  ramen noodles and cold showers kind of budget to where we have enough to comfortable pay our own way and eat real food, lol.

We still couldn’t afford “spectacular” but I wanted to make sure he got gifts and a party this year because he always does something nice for me. For Valentines day, I told him not to get me anything this year and he brought my some discounted flowers a few days after. 🙂 He’s just sweet like that.

So when I get presents, I tend to get one actual gift and one silly/gag/impulse type gift. I didn’t have a real budget in mind, but I wanted to try and keep it less than $100 for all gifts and party type stuff. (I’d secretly invited a few friends over.)  So I headed to the store with a few indistinct ideas thinking I’d order him a fancy gaming mouse for his computer online.

  • Wandering around the store…

I knew I’d get him a case of Blue Moon because its his favorite beer and we had some miniature oranges at the house he loved. He doesn’t indulge often and never buys the stuff for himself even though he likes it, so I wanted to make sure to grab some. You can obviously substitute beer for something of similar packaging, like glass bottles of Cream Soda. Just find something indulgent that you know they like. 🙂  It could be a bottle of wine, or maybe even ice cream flavored coffee creamer. You can experiment with this wrapping idea and come up with some cool and unique gift ideas that you dress up with a very simple, cheap wrapping technique.

Clementine oranges are small and peel easily. You can drop a slice or two into the bottle and retrieve it with a chopstick or something similar.

Clementine oranges are small and peel easily. You can drop a slice or two into the bottle and retrieve it with a chopstick or something similar.

I went down the party isle kind of on a whim. I wasn’t expecting to really get anything because most of what’s on that isle is really expensive crap clearly marketed towards kids. I still hadn’t found his gag gift and was looking for ideas. There was a package of very simple party decorations for like a dollar. It had balloons, table confetti, two banners, some streamers, and other kinds of birthday themed wall art. Just kind of cute stuff. We’ve never, ever decorated before, so I thought it might be cute for his very “official” birthday, lol. I also grabbed a roll of cheap tape.

I couldn’t find any wrapping paper, which blew my freakin mind. How do you have an entire party section with no damn wrapping paper? Seriously? I’m not being cute with news paper and old magazine pages this year. I’m gonna buy some wrapping paper that Lou will appreciate. But I’m thwarted by expensive giftbags…ugh…but it did lead me to this:

Less than $1 for 20 descent sized sheets of colored tissue paper.

Less than $1 for 20 good sized sheets of colored tissue paper.

Colored Paper

There was also green and blue tissue paper.

After looking around some more I found a poster display and decided to see if there was anything worth notice. I didn’t expect to find anything there either, but I was kind of running out of ideas. I did find a great Big Bang Theory Poster. Lou isn’t really a poster guy, but I thought he might like this. The right character and show, the right catchphrase and the right colors. Perfect and inexpensive. I also grabbed a cheap, plastic poster frame so that he could put it up on the wall and take care of it if he wanted.

  • Wrapping phase…

Wrapping a poster tube and sticking a bow on the end basically looks like a goofy flower. Since I had tissue paper, I decided to  experiment:

white flower

Not bad for winging it. You just kinda play with it and mold it, pinning back some places with small pieces of tape. Then wrap tape around the base. I attached flowers like this to the end of the wrapped tubes.

red flowerAs I was making these blossoms, I realized that each sheet was big enough to wrap the bottles individually. I had plenty of paper and nothing else to wrap, so I began to wrap the blue moon bottles and shape the ends to look liked grass or flowers.



After that I just wrapped two sheets over the cardboard box and tucked the edges down.

I even used the colorful sheath of tissue that the sheets were wrapped in. I just folded it so the company logo wouldn’t be visible.


I made it into a sign for the bag the little beer garden box was going to sit in. It says, “Happy Birthday Louie. I got you a …really cool garden! xoxo Love Tephy.” Next time I will make sure I have a better sharper or pen. They make metallic ones that would have been pretty cool.

bOnce I was done I put my two flower stems into my bag and the end result is this:


Yeah, that’s also a Darth Vader bag in the corner.

Blogging with an Old Timer

My grandparents pretty much raised me. My Gramps was born in the 30s and isn’t really known for being too computer savvy. Before he retired he flew plains for the Navy and traveled the world. For as long as I can remember he and Grams have had some of the best stories. I remember many of them from when I was a child.

Recently I’d been thinking about family archives and how there’s so much information we just lose when people die. My youngest brother is only eight years old and I wondered how many of Grandpa’s stories  he would miss out on.

Around the same time, Gramps got into this blogging thing. I don’t really understand all the particulars, but its some blogging business deal that he’s been super excited about and chatting my ear off. I don’t really think he’s going to make millions, but this is the first time I’ve seen him excited and chatting about things with people in a long time. He’s happy.

So if blogging is what makes him happy, sure, I’ll help him blog. He’s hopeless bad at internet stuff though. A windows message will pop up and he thinks his computer has been hacked. He’ll run into the room and shout, “Come quick, my computer’s been hijacked!” It’s not that he isn’t intelligent enough to navigate the digital world, he used to fly air planes and even today he could probably MacGyver together some electrical tools into a bad ass zombie slaying weapon for someone to use. His memory just isn’t what it used to be and his hands aren’t as steady.

I thought this would be a good chance to hit two birds with one stone. He didn’t really know what he wanted to write about and a lot of his stories center on when he was growing up in the orphanage in the 30s or when he was in the Navy. He likes telling those stories and he talks about airplanes and different funny things they did. I set him up on Google Docs so that I can look over all his posts. His education was spotty (because of the whole growing up in a 30s era orphanage thing) so I basically edit them into bullet point style thoughts about his subject. They’re not too long, which is good for both of us. I could find the time to do this a couple time a week for my Gramps, you know? Plus, the stories are pretty cool and I’m learning something new about him all the time.

He’s been doing this blogging thing, studying, watching videos, buying ads and lots of extra stuff he wasn’t ready for. He hadn’t even written any blogs that weren’t about how his “blog had disappeared and he couldn’t find it.” After the post uploaded, it took him to the current post’s page, instead of his home page, and he never knew how to get back. We’re talking months and months and he’d maybe posted five very poorly articulated blogs about how he couldn’t/didn’t know how to blog. He was buying ads for this blog. We’re trying to talk him out of that. I think he’s promised to wait and not get anymore.

He’s grateful for the help, because he wants to attempt this business thing. And I’m happy that I am helping take care of him in my own way, while preserving his life somewhere for our family, friends, and the world to see and appreciate. I want my younger brothers and my nieces and nephews  to be able to read these recollections when they’re old enough. I’ve had almost 26 years with him and there’s still so much I still want to learn.

My Granny is also writing a blog. She’s can write on her own and has a ton of great stories, just like Gramps. I’m really excited that both of my grandparents are doing this and I wish them all the success.

Excerpt from The Many Perils of Love at First Sight…

People began forming up and Sarai turned, stepped back and bowed at the man who caught her, “Thank you for catching me. Those jerks pushed me on their way up.” She spoke slowly and enunciated her words as best as she knew how.

“Aww, it was nothing. Any man would have done it.” He rubbed the back of his neck and Sarai could sense the gathering of energy filled blood flushing over his skin. She couldn’t help the soft smirk that quirked at his words; several men had moved out of the way to let her hit the dirt after all. This boy, though, vibrated with the same pure energy she’d seen from children. He was long past that age though, even if his friend standing beside him didn’t shine as purely in Sarai’s mind. The second boy had a firestorm going on under his skin, but it gave of a completely different feeling from the red head.

“So are you here to become Genkai’s disciple as well?” This came from the shorter boy, his voice held more than a hint of incredulity as he stared at the bandages that covered the top half of her face.

“Uh…I’m not sure. Is that why everyone else is here?” Sarai pondered the situation.

“WHAT?! You came and you don’t even know what the hell is going on?!” His voice was filled with energy and heat, like annoyance.

She touched the bandage on her face, “I’m cursed. I was hoping Genkai could either remove it, tell me more about it, or teach me how to live with it…”

“Oh wow, a curse, really?” That was the tall one again. “I’m here because I’m psychic and I want her to lower the levels so I don’t have to listen to ghosts and stuff anymore.”

Sarai raised her eyebrows, although it was hard to tell with the layers of white strips clinging to the skin above them. “Huh, I haven’t been around all that many haunted places. I bet that would get annoying after awhile.” She paused and then bowed suddenly, “By the way, I’m Sarai Mayfield. Pleased to meet you.”

“I’m Kazuma Kuwabara and this is Yusuke Urameshi.”


This is from Chapter 3, start from the beginning here.

Click me to visit Snevilly’s author profile on ff.net!

I’m currently in need of a Beta Reader for several different projects. Yu Yu Hakusho, Naruto, Avengers, Ouran High School Host Club, and more.


The curse is something of a mystery. Their archives and family history were lost and the family scattered during the Salem Witch Trials. Sarai wants nothing more than to break the spell she has inherited. She knows one day her curse will activate and she’ll fall in love at first sight and she’ll do anything to keep her freedom. An OC character piece that respects the anime! Hiei/OC
The memory brought an embarrassed blush up across his nose. In a way it all made sense, Honey was so fond of cute things, but Takashi had never felt more shocked than when his eyes had caught sight of her wearing that rather provocative shirt. He’d been expecting to see an overweight teenage boy and instead he got…Toru. Kyoya’s protégée is Haruhi’s “sister,” eventual Mori/OC.

The Sister Type: The Beginning

Toru spent most of her free time thinking about Haruhi. There was so much she owed the younger girl, so much she couldn’t repay. The rest of her classmates were chattering animatedly until the next teacher showed up, but Toru sat in the back, strategically remaining out of view. Her clothes were shapeless and unfashionable, seemingly chosen as a perfect mixture of tans, grays, and pink that would blend her into the walls of the school rather than silly notions like if they matched. When one’s eyes did focus on her, there wasn’t much to look at. The front pocket on her hoodie bulged, giving her a misshapen, heavier, androgynous appearance. Toru always wore her hood low so that her face was cast in its shadow. She looked genderless and boring.

There was a squeal from two rows in front of her. Her hazel eyes were drawn toward the yellow clad figure of Chiagi. The brown haired girl was blushing profusely, probably at something Tamaki had done. A chorus of happy sighs whispered through the room as the girls in the elegant yellow uniform gossiped about Prince Tamaki and Kyoya. Toru glanced at the boys, careful to angle herself in such a way that she wouldn’t be seen.

Tamaki was his usual shimmering self. He spouted off prose and poetry, creating a romantic atmosphere. One could practically envision the classroom filled with the provocative scent of roses, the moody light of candles. Each glance gave his willing victims the erotic image of ownership, as if he were theirs and theirs alone for that moment in time. She’d never been privy to that gaze directly, but she’d watched him use it and had learned to avoid it. “We’ve completely redecorated the club room, my lovely,” his amethyst eyes were simmering with feeling. “Its still nothing compared to your beauty, my Goddess.”

Kyoya seemed more pleased than usual. Toru’s lip quirked involuntarily. A pleased Kyoya was at his most predatory. She watched his sharp eyes flicker over the girls around him and outward toward the rest of the room. Toru made sure her face was firmly behind a text book for the next class when the dark boy’s gaze swept over her area of the room. After, she could see the pleased crook of his lips when the sighs of romantic adulation had reached their peak and all the girls in the class watched Tamaki with rapt attention. He was a shark that scented blood in the water. That’s when Kyoya spoke, “Remember Hime-samas, the auction will take place next week, just a day before final bookings for the month,” he gave them that rare, polite smile and another round of sighs started.

Toru shook her head and retreated behind the wall of her book. An auction didn’t sound very helpful to her current problem. She needed to figure out how to get Haruhi to loosen up a little. It was a difficult task, the younger girl spent her time studying or doing mundane household chores. She didn’t see old school friends, she never went on dates and if there had been a single spontaneous moment since Toru had moved in at the end of the last school year, she couldn’t remember it. Haruhi seemed perfectly unmotivated to do anything about it and it was that stubbornness that made Toru’s job difficult. She wanted to do something fun tonight, but if Haruhi got her way, they’d probably just end up staying at school late and studying…again.

Continue reading…

Shit Writer’s Trip Over- Part Two

  • So last night I wrote about how I lost chapters 9-13 of a really important story.  When the drama continued on, I knew I had to continue the post.

So I went to bed and when I got up I started looking around my files absently because I was completely at a loss for whatever else I should have been doing. I ended up finding just those chapters in a random, unnamed Google Doc. So that was great.

And then I start editing it. Lap top crashes. Does not start up again. Couldn’t pass go or collect two-hundred dollars. I managed to handle to situation pretty well. I finished dinner calmly and went to bed.

Today we decided to check a repair place in town and low and behold, its just a faulty charger, which is now fixed, so that’s great.

So, now I’m back to still having a sick and crappy computer to write/draw on, but at least its not a dead computer and I have the chance to back up all my files.

Key Notes:

  • All of this happened after over 24 hours without sleep.
  • When the first screw up over the missing chapters happened I made sure it wasn’t fixable and then said, “Louie, I’m about to have a meltdown,” in the most pathetic, tearful voice ever and my awesome fiance immediately stopped playing WoW and just hugged me for like 15 minutes straight.
  • Went straight to bed after that, clothes on,  lights on…just planked onto the mattress, lol.
  • Slept for three hours before the second meltdown happened.

After all this bullshit, I’m still tired. Relieved, but tired.