Shit Writer’s Trip Over- Part Two

  • So last night I wrote about how I lost chapters 9-13 of a really important story.  When the drama continued on, I knew I had to continue the post.

So I went to bed and when I got up I started looking around my files absently because I was completely at a loss for whatever else I should have been doing. I ended up finding just those chapters in a random, unnamed Google Doc. So that was great.

And then I start editing it. Lap top crashes. Does not start up again. Couldn’t pass go or collect two-hundred dollars. I managed to handle to situation pretty well. I finished dinner calmly and went to bed.

Today we decided to check a repair place in town and low and behold, its just a faulty charger, which is now fixed, so that’s great.

So, now I’m back to still having a sick and crappy computer to write/draw on, but at least its not a dead computer and I have the chance to back up all my files.

Key Notes:

  • All of this happened after over 24 hours without sleep.
  • When the first screw up over the missing chapters happened I made sure it wasn’t fixable and then said, “Louie, I’m about to have a meltdown,” in the most pathetic, tearful voice ever and my awesome fiance immediately stopped playing WoW and just hugged me for like 15 minutes straight.
  • Went straight to bed after that, clothes on,  lights on…just planked onto the mattress, lol.
  • Slept for three hours before the second meltdown happened.

After all this bullshit, I’m still tired. Relieved, but tired.


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