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I’m currently in need of a Beta Reader for several different projects. Yu Yu Hakusho, Naruto, Avengers, Ouran High School Host Club, and more.


The curse is something of a mystery. Their archives and family history were lost and the family scattered during the Salem Witch Trials. Sarai wants nothing more than to break the spell she has inherited. She knows one day her curse will activate and she’ll fall in love at first sight and she’ll do anything to keep her freedom. An OC character piece that respects the anime! Hiei/OC
The memory brought an embarrassed blush up across his nose. In a way it all made sense, Honey was so fond of cute things, but Takashi had never felt more shocked than when his eyes had caught sight of her wearing that rather provocative shirt. He’d been expecting to see an overweight teenage boy and instead he got…Toru. Kyoya’s protégée is Haruhi’s “sister,” eventual Mori/OC.

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