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Ouran High School Host Club         Rated: T

Drama/Romance                           Chapters: 6 – Words: 24,875

Snippet/Summery: The memory brought an embarrassed blush up across his nose. In a way it all made sense, Honey was so fond of cute things, but Takashi had never felt more shocked than when his eyes had caught sight of her wearing that rather provocative shirt. He’d been expecting to see an overweight teenage boy and instead he got…Toru. Kyoya’s protégée is Haruhi’s “sister.” Mori/OC


(Yuyu Hakusho- Hiei/OC)         Rated: T
Adventure/Romance           Chapters: 1-2 Uploaded; 3-17 In Editing
In need of Beta Reader        Words: +70k
Snippet/Summery: The curse is something of a mystery. Their archives and family history were lost and the family scattered during the Western Inquisition. Sarai wants nothing more than to break the spell she has inherited. She knows one day her curse will activate and she’ll fall in love at first sight. All she wants is her freedom and she’ll kick ass and take names to get it. 
Unsorted Mess List of a few things I am looking for an editor on:
(Legion, Needs a major overhaul.)
The end of the world is hard on everyone. The only thing you can do is smile and hope you have more bullets than enemies. Poe had a front row seat to watch Heaven cull it’s wayward flock, but she was never the kind of woman to go without a fight.
  • Survival of the Fittest
(Host Club, AU from ST. Also Mori/OC)

There were several figures all huddled together in the shade of the tree near the wall, but one stood tall above the others. Her hair was pinned up without care and it jutted out here and there giving her a spiky silhouette in the shadows. She was dressed quite plainly in a black cotton yukata and her back was turned toward them so they couldn’t see what she was doing.

“You’ll have to come closer,” she murmured. The children seemed unsure, but a young boy leaned in close, wary eyes flickering to her face. Everyone held their breath as she drew him further away from the others. It was a subtle movement, one the boy didn’t seem conscious of mirroring.

The trap sprang with a snap of a movement, her stance from beckoning to predatory in an instant. She pounced and collided with the child, cradling him gently as they rolled on the grass. When they’d stopped, she’d pinned him to the ground. Her fingers elicited squeals as he wriggled to escape the tickling. Mitsukuni’s smile was bright when he realized the older girl was just the person they were looking for. His eyes flashed over to see what his stoic cousin was thinking as he laid eyes on the girl their parents intended for him to marry.

  • Kitty Candy
(Naruto, Akatsuki cat story: this scene is after the OC brings her new kittens home from the freezing cold where they were sure to die.)

“What are you doing, un?” Deidara’s amused voice was much clearer now. Kisame looked over to see that Kakuzu and Hidan had also been freed from the warm confines of the woman’s front pocket.

“Uh…” his eyes followed the movement of the woman’s hands, which lead to a worthy distraction of his embarrassing predicament, “Hey, look at that…”

The four kittens watched in amusement as Sasori’s fluffy head popped out of the top of woman’s shirt. The girl laughed, “Hey, that tickles!” She gently pulled him through her collar the rest of the way and sat him in the basket with the others.

“Not a single word…” the hiss was soft, but the threat was not. Teasing was forestalled, the next kitten to be released from her shirt was Itachi and he glared at the others as well, adding his own silent warning. Konan was next, but she turned to watch the woman who still had their leader.

Frailia pulled her arms inside her hoodie and slide out of it. Her left hand was pressed gently against the last kitten, making sure he wasn’t jostled. “Alright baby doll, lets see what the damage is.

  • A Familiar’s Tale
(Naruto, also an Akatsuki cat story, only this time our hilarious narrator is the cat. She’s also from a Dungeons and Dragons style fantasy world version of our own.)
 I’d been a cat for at least an hour now and let me tell you, being a cat didn’t really seem too bad. When I was a little girl I always thought changing into animals would be pretty cool. As a woman in my late twenties, I hadn’t expected to suddenly be turned into a kitten. Then again, I never really expected to piss off a witch who could curse me into a tiny ball of fur.
Funny thing about witches, they’re real fucking particular about their gardens. All I wanted was a peach from her tree, it grew near the border of our property lines. It looked big and juicy and ripe and I’d been working in the hot sun all day. I thought, What’s the harm? It not like I would get snippy if she snuck into my tomatoes. I’m just saying I think she over reacted a bit. It was just one peach and I only got one bite before the bitch lost her God damned mind.

Before I knew which end was up she’d grabbed me and thrown me into this weird looking casting circle and then I was here, alone, in the middle of a wet, creepy fuckin’ forest.

For the first few minutes I ran in a circle screaming “WHATTHEHELLWHATTHEHELLWHATTHEHELL?!?!?!” as I tripped over my paws and had a thorough panic. I was typically good in emergencies. I was always the one who kept a calm head in the midst of danger, but this was so beyond the realm of what I was capable of dealing with, it was so deep in the “What the Fuck” territory that I’m not really ashamed of my response. I mean seriously, who gets turned into a fucking cat this day in age?

Apparently, this gal.

  • Sex and the Kitties
(Naruto, more Akasuki kitties. Only this time the teenage girl who took them in first winds up in an insane asylum after her anime obsession went a little too far. This Kitty story openly mocks the typical kitty genre cliches while celebrating it. Rated T, no explicit content. So named because her group of girlfriends hanging out is central to the plot and obvious word play, lol.  In this scene, Jane has just brought the box of kittens inside and examines the contents.)
Hazel eyes swept over the kittens. Her brow furrowed as she reached into the box, her fingers wrapping around the edge of what looked like a swirly orange Frisbee. One of the kittens, a shaggy brown one, pounced at her hand. She instinctively jerked out of the way and her fingers got caught on some thread. 
Not thread, a cord with a pendant. The silver gleamed wickedly at her and a feeling of dread pressed in on her. A small shiver coursed down her spine and built into a tremble. 
“What’s wrong with her, un,” Deidara’s head was cocked, his eyes narrowed. The woman’s eyes were dilated and it looked like she was going to faint. 
Hidan looked up, he’d been bragging to the old man about the soft tits and half naked women. His pendant was dangling from her limp fingers. “Stop fucking touching that!” His fur was puffed out and he pounced viciously at her hand.
  • The Secret Life of Poesy Potts
(Avengers. Pepper gets in touch with her estranged sister as her wedding draws near and Poesy gets to know her brother-in-law to be. This scene is how she meets the Hulk for the first time, at an airport in the middle of a terrorist attack.)

The metallic tang of her blood cleared her mind a little. All one of the assholes had to do was walk around the kiosk to see that they weren’t as alone as they thought they were.

“We need to pull back and regroup. We lost the target, we’re being pursued, and a good number of our force have already been taken out.” The quieter of the two was walking again, moving around to the side of the kiosk.

Poe forced her body to relax, if he did walk around, she would appear to be unconscious. It was difficult, her body wanted to tremble in fear, but movement could mean death and that notion clamped down on her muscles, hand still latched around the pen in her pocket.

The other man snarled and hit the kiosk again. This time there was an answering roar, much closer than any of the previous had been. All Poe’s brain could comprehend at the moment was that Dr. Hammond must have been doing a jig in his grave because that had to have been a T-Rex. The assholes jumped into action and started shooting in the direction it came from.

Thud, thud, thud, Thud Thud, CRACK! The ground seemed to explode where it landed. It was huge, built like the titan Atlas and colored an intense radioactive green. The woman flinched, covering her head to protect it from debris raining like shrapnel. The Kiosk was knocked completely away and she was left curled on the ground in the open.


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