2013’s 4th of July Resolution.

Celebrate your freedom America, but I hope you’ll think about what I’m about to say for just a moment. I’m making this resolution, starting on July 4th of 2013, to spend at least a few hours a week actively protecting that freedom. Some people bust their ass for our country right now, some in hostile situations far away from home. The very least I can do is keep house while they’re away. This year I will spend a few hours a week assessing the state of my government, but also the state of the people (not issues) it fails. And if next year, if I don’t like what I see…well then I’ll try to change the world. Share this if you feel the same. Maybe next year we can have a big chat, together, with people all across the nation, about how our government can be improved. Things will only get better when we start paying attention to the people promising to make it better and the people who are harmed in the crossfire of political agendas.


What things should be free for every human being?


Let’s thinks about what we can attain as a society. What things should be free and accessible for every citizen, provided by the government or the community?

Free and completely accessible to all humans:

  • Food
  • Healthcare, physical, mental, spiritual, for all ages.
  • Education (For all ages, a free education society for everything from the basics, to politics, to technology.)
  • Legal Representation
  • Social Advocacy
  • Disaster Relief or Support in States of Emergency

Can you add to the list? This may sound silly or strange to you, but I’m trying to think about what a Utopian society would look like. I think Utopia would be a republic and I think that capitalism can work, but there are standards of care for our fellow human beings that we should strive for. If we can identify these things and find a way to fund them, to encourage people to get into these fields and benefit from it in a real way, in the same way that they would be befitting society, I think that would be the first step.

I can’t save the world, but I’d like to think about what I’d believe if I could. What I can work towards. Could we get there? What sorts of things are being researched now that could help out? Its a very exciting conversation and I hope you’ll chip it.

Blogging with an Old Timer

My grandparents pretty much raised me. My Gramps was born in the 30s and isn’t really known for being too computer savvy. Before he retired he flew plains for the Navy and traveled the world. For as long as I can remember he and Grams have had some of the best stories. I remember many of them from when I was a child.

Recently I’d been thinking about family archives and how there’s so much information we just lose when people die. My youngest brother is only eight years old and I wondered how many of Grandpa’s stories  he would miss out on.

Around the same time, Gramps got into this blogging thing. I don’t really understand all the particulars, but its some blogging business deal that he’s been super excited about and chatting my ear off. I don’t really think he’s going to make millions, but this is the first time I’ve seen him excited and chatting about things with people in a long time. He’s happy.

So if blogging is what makes him happy, sure, I’ll help him blog. He’s hopeless bad at internet stuff though. A windows message will pop up and he thinks his computer has been hacked. He’ll run into the room and shout, “Come quick, my computer’s been hijacked!” It’s not that he isn’t intelligent enough to navigate the digital world, he used to fly air planes and even today he could probably MacGyver together some electrical tools into a bad ass zombie slaying weapon for someone to use. His memory just isn’t what it used to be and his hands aren’t as steady.

I thought this would be a good chance to hit two birds with one stone. He didn’t really know what he wanted to write about and a lot of his stories center on when he was growing up in the orphanage in the 30s or when he was in the Navy. He likes telling those stories and he talks about airplanes and different funny things they did. I set him up on Google Docs so that I can look over all his posts. His education was spotty (because of the whole growing up in a 30s era orphanage thing) so I basically edit them into bullet point style thoughts about his subject. They’re not too long, which is good for both of us. I could find the time to do this a couple time a week for my Gramps, you know? Plus, the stories are pretty cool and I’m learning something new about him all the time.

He’s been doing this blogging thing, studying, watching videos, buying ads and lots of extra stuff he wasn’t ready for. He hadn’t even written any blogs that weren’t about how his “blog had disappeared and he couldn’t find it.” After the post uploaded, it took him to the current post’s page, instead of his home page, and he never knew how to get back. We’re talking months and months and he’d maybe posted five very poorly articulated blogs about how he couldn’t/didn’t know how to blog. He was buying ads for this blog. We’re trying to talk him out of that. I think he’s promised to wait and not get anymore.

He’s grateful for the help, because he wants to attempt this business thing. And I’m happy that I am helping take care of him in my own way, while preserving his life somewhere for our family, friends, and the world to see and appreciate. I want my younger brothers and my nieces and nephews  to be able to read these recollections when they’re old enough. I’ve had almost 26 years with him and there’s still so much I still want to learn.

My Granny is also writing a blog. She’s can write on her own and has a ton of great stories, just like Gramps. I’m really excited that both of my grandparents are doing this and I wish them all the success.

On Writing Responsibly…

I’d like to start off by saying that I know I should write what I want and I do.

That being said, I still want to be a responsible writer. If I’m dealing with delicate issues, I want to make sure that I represent them well. I want all kinds of people to be able to relate to my stories, to empathize with them and be entertained by them. I don’t want people to walk away offended or feeling like I’ve contributed to some wide spread social issues. I don’t want to be a part of the problem…and there are so many problems.

I love Love stories, and I don’t mean romance novels. I just mean great stories with love at their core. I really like action, adventure, and fantasy, I tend to build my stories around that kind of thing, but at the heart of every story is love and working together. It doesn’t even have to be romantic love. Not everyone is into other people’s bits.

One of the things that bothered me growing up was the types of love stories being told. If I write a love story, I want it to be a Love+ story.

I just wish I had a “Bullshit” detector to point out the bullshit in whatever I come up with, lol.

Rocking the face off of my “To Do” list…

Got around to creating an about page for my stories. =^.^=

I finally made a page for my currently available work and a “sneak peek” area for a handful of the stories I’ve just got laying around in various stages of development. I had to polish up a few sections and pick out which ones I’m most likely to work on when I have the time. I feel pretty accomplished because this was a big, time consuming task I’ve been putting off for a while.

I also planned a kick ass birthday for my fiance. I did some pretty neat stuff with some colorful tissue paper for gift wrap. It was random, completely off the top of my head and turned out beautifully. I took pictures so I could write up a DIY blog about it. This is one of the results:

Click on the image to see more of the pics I took.

Click on the image to see more of the pics I took.

Need something sweet?

Honey approves of all things sweet and that includes The Sister Type.

  • Need a quick fiction snack? Try out The Sister Type.

Type: Fanfiction

Tittle: The Sister Type

The Hook: The memory brought an embarrassed blush up across his nose. In a way it all made sense, Honey was so fond of cute things, but Takashi had never felt more shocked than when his eyes had caught sight of her wearing that rather provocative shirt. He’d been expecting to see an overweight teenage boy and instead he got…Toru. Kyoya’s protégée is Haruhi’s “sister,” eventual Mori/OC.

  • Currently working on illustrations and short comics to follow the story, so check out my DeviantArt page.
  • Content currently under revision and constantly improving. 🙂

Chapter One:

Episode One: Host Club Dog

Toru spent most of her free time thinking about Haruhi. There was so much she owed the younger girl, so much she couldn’t repay. The rest of her classmates were chattering animatedly until the next teacher showed up, but Toru sat in the back, strategically remaining out of view. Her clothes were shapeless and unfashionable, seemingly chosen as a perfect mixture of tans, grays, and pink that would blend her into the walls of the school rather than silly notions like if they matched. When one’s eyes did focus on her, there wasn’t much to look at. The front pocket on her hoodie bulged, giving her a misshapen, heavier, androgynous appearance. Toru always wore her hood low so that her face was cast in its shadow. She looked genderless and boring.

There was a squeal from two rows in front of her. Her hazel eyes were drawn toward the yellow clad figure of Chiagi. The brown haired girl was blushing profusely, probably at something Tamaki had done. A chorus of happy sighs whispered through the room as the girls in the elegant yellow uniform gossiped about Prince Tamaki and Kyoya. Toru glanced at the boys, careful to angle herself in such a way that she wouldn’t be seen.

Tamaki was his usual shimmering self. He spouted off prose and poetry, creating a romantic atmosphere. One could practically envision the classroom filled with the provocative scent of roses, the moody light of candles. Each glance gave his willing victims the erotic image of ownership, as if he were theirs and theirs alone for that moment in time. She’d never been privy to that gaze directly, but she’d watched him use it and had learned to avoid it. “We’ve completely redecorated the club room, my lovely,” his amethyst eyes were simmering with feeling. “Its still nothing compared to your beauty, my Goddess.”

Kyoya seemed more pleased than usual. Toru’s lip quirked involuntarily. A pleased Kyoya was at his most predatory. She watched his sharp eyes flicker over the girls around him and outward toward the rest of the room. Toru made sure her face was firmly behind a text book for the next class when the dark boy’s gaze swept over her area of the room. After, she could see the pleased crook of his lips when the sighs of romantic adulation had reached their peak and all the girls in the class watched Tamaki with rapt attention. He was a shark that scented blood in the water. That’s when Kyoya spoke, “Remember Hime-samas, the auction will take place next week, just a day before final bookings for the month,” he gave them that rare, polite smile and another round of sighs started.

Toru shook her head and retreated behind the wall of her book. An auction didn’t sound very helpful to her current problem. She needed to figure out how to get Haruhi to loosen up a little. It was a difficult task, the younger girl spent her time studying or doing mundane household chores. She didn’t see old school friends, she never went on dates and if there had been a single spontaneous moment since Toru had moved in at the end of the last school year, she couldn’t remember it. Haruhi seemed perfectly unmotivated to do anything about it and it was that stubbornness that made Toru’s job difficult. She wanted to do something fun tonight, but if Haruhi got her way, they’d probably just end up staying at school late and studying…again.

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Special Sneak Peak-

  • Revised Chapter 2 Opening:

Pink was a key feature of Ouran’s color scheme and the 3rd Music room was no exception. Even the filigree of crown molding on the ceiling was a dark pink that stood out in contrast to the lighter shade that peaked through. Opulent chandeliers hung on display through out the room, dripping in expensive pink crystals.

Everything was skillfully arranged so that the color didn’t overpower the eyes and instead gave the environment a soft and feminine quality. The rich wood of the furniture stood out in contrast, ground the silk clad customers in a dreamy atmosphere that had been cultivated just for them. Each table was small, cozy and intimate, dressed with a fine silk table cloth an elegant vase arranged with dozens of perfect roses and trailing ivy for drama. Everyone and everything looked polished and refined.

The customers chatted happily. The calming scent of tea mingled with the intoxicating aroma of the roses to create an air of romanticism that was underlined by the Host’s interactions with their guests.

“Tamaki-kun, what’s your favorite music?” the soft words drifted above the sighs of The Prince’s group.

Toru stood at the door with Haruhi and looked over the room before them with  a grouchy countenance. They watched Tamaki give his reply, “That one tune that remind me of you, of course,” The vague answer was met with a blush and a sigh of contentment from his excitable guest.

“What a smarmosaurus,” she sneered, clearly not moved by his cheap sentiment when her arms were laden with overfull, paper bags from the grocery store. What was supposed to have been a quick trip to pick up some things the idiot blond swore he couldn’t live without had turned into a ridiculous scavenger hunt that left both girls feeling exasperated with The Hosts in general.

“I baked you some cake today. Will you have it?” One of the customers asked hopefully.

Tamaki’s hands were suddenly on the cute girl’s face, tilting her chin up to gaze properly into the full force of his amethyst eyes, “If you will feed it to me,” he tempted.

And the day isn’t even over yet, Toru silently pouted.


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