My thoughts on ‘Cesar’s Way’ by Cesar Millan

There’s a shiny silver word balloon on the front cover that tells me, “A Million Copies Sold,” so I know I’m a little late on this, but I just read this and now I want to think about it critically for a bit.

Here’s the short and sweet overview:

272 pages long and divided into well thought out segments. The beginning covers his observations in Mexico and how he became the kind of person who can rehabilitate thousands of dogs. The rest reads as a well thought out guide of things to be aware of about dog psychology and different areas of human life that dogs must be socialized to which are often looked over in modern society. If I could take one thing away from this book it’s that if you aren’t walking your dog around for at least an hour every day you’re doing it a major disservice. The Foreword by Jada Pinkett Smith sums up the book nicely. They included a glossary, a list of recommended reading and a section for sourcing many of the things Cesar is talking about.

Rent/Buy: Buy

I can’t underline enough how much I enjoyed this book. I definitely plan to buy it at least two more times for my Grandfather and for my 12 year old brother. After reading this, there are a lot of people I know that I’d like to hand this book to. I plan to read again and use a highlighter. Yeah, yeah, sacrilege, but I say this reads more like a study book anyways. There’s definitely a few sections I’d like to commit to memory because I know I’m weak there. I’ve been bragging about it to some of my friends and now they want to borrow it too.

Additional Notes: I pretty much started using what I learned instantly as we just adopted a new dog. It has certainly helped me work through the frustrating bits when he’s just not getting what I’m trying to communicate. I feel like I can get into his mind easier and figure out what I need to do to evoke the right response. I feel much more comfortable correcting misbehavior. I really did take this thing running and kept going. I’m almost finished with ‘How to Raise the Perfect Puppy’ as well. 🙂